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The first store of Ralph Lauren was run in California, Then, he built one hundred and sixteen Polo Ralph Lauren stores in the America as well as one thousand and three hundred stores. In 1986, he let fashion retailing history with a large megastore housed in the graceful former Mansion in New York. The chairman of Women's Wear Daily, though the store of Ralph Lauren is the best store in united state, maybe in the world. Customers responded that spending over five billion a year by 1997 to make Ralph Lauren to be seen in the everywhere and making him the hot-selling designer in the world. Two main new companies started in 1995 made Lauren enter into the high competitive jean and big-market ladies clothing categories. It both made the Lauren name to a new customer and known by many people and its lower prices, and the Lauren goods are very popular for a long time. In 1996, Lauren's Home Collections are conducive to $535 million in sales world-wide�h more than any designer.ralph lauren sale Paints were published at the same year, along with instruction videos and all the tools needed to create the living environment of one's choice. By 1997 investment bankers were striving for the chance to invest Lauren company on the world-wide market. In 1998,Ralph Lauren declared that his company would contributed thirteen million to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.,primarily to protect the authentic American flag that admired by the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" in 1812. That same year he was honored for his efforts to raise money for research into a cure for breast cancer. In 2000 the company's Web site, , was introduced, allowing online access to all Ralph Lauren products. Lauren's charitable contributions continued with the creation of the Polo Volunteer Program and the contribution of $5 million to establish the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention and Care at North General Hospital in Harlem, New York. Now, Ralph Lauren spent more and more energy to return the society. Then, more and more people will know Polo Ralph Lauren. More and more people support the Ralph Lauren shirts or goods. This is a virtuous circle. Once the Ralph Lauren are more famous, its products(shirts, shoes, polo, sweaters...) are more popular, then, he will return the society more.


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